Friday, July 11, 2008

yeah ... debugging sucks, testing rocks, but ...

I'm by no means a software engineer (well ... neither an electronic engineer nowadays, as my title says :-/ ).

Anyway, the fact is that I usually do some hacking around source code, without a formal approach ... that is: hands on to solve some specific problem and/or implement a new feature and have fun.

To the point: I was touching some code related to the frontend serving infrastructure in my work, it took me ~a couple of hours come up with a src change I could be proud of :) ... just to find out that the respective unit testing additions for this new functionality will end toasting almost twenty hours from me to stabilize (yup ... 10x), and several round trips with the main devel team.

Pheeeeuuuu... testing rocks, but it can be a rock itself, heh ...

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