Thursday, April 26, 2007

[en] your CV is useless

You (may) use to maintain a pretty precise Curriculum Vitae (CV) with every bit of your professional activities.
Bad news: it's useless (well, to be honest, it's perfect for filling paper files =)

At least this happened to me while applying for working at , I needed to rush and write a "Resumè" , which is a sort of resumed-CV but focused on your profile, strengths, etc.

These are some useful links I've collected that helped me writing the "Resumè" (of course you could just search for "resume tips" and such, but there are plenty of results and much noise around):
Don't rush when forced, do it now (it happend to be of some fun ;)

BTW Here is my Resumè:

[UPDATED 2010-05-27: new resume url]
[UPDATED 2011-10-12: updated my resume, add link#5. ]


Derek Todom said...

Yes the CV's in the corporate world are pretty rare. I didn't hear about one in until a few years ago when I was hiring someone on at the company I was working for at the time. I think it's good to keep both on hand if you have some of your career that is 100% outlined in a CV, plays a good resource for future resume updates!

luca said...

Here is a good complement to your post:


JuanJo said...


cool, luca! :D

JuanJo said...

Very ontopic:

How HR and a programmer reads your resume

Anonymous said...

could you please upload your resume again?

thank you very much

JuanJo said...

I've updated my resume url, thanks for noticing.

Bhavik said...

Hi, These links are helpful but even i have found some useful links which gives you professional resume samples.

syeds said...

An additional Advantage of writing quality resume..Resume Examples

Ruby Claire said...

LESS IS MORE when we are a cv !!

Resume Format

Anonymous said...

Which is a sort of resumed-CV but focused on your profile, strengths,