Monday, June 01, 2009

ads blocking in chromium-browser

ads blocking in chromium-browser

One key missing functionality in chromium is extensibility via browser extensions or user scripts, damn useful in particular for blocking ads.
Although the support is there in the dev channel, it had been not available in the ppa binary debs for a while, but about ~2days ago user scripts started working ... yAY!! \o/

To the point:

dpkg -l chromium-browser # version: Chromium browser
mkdir $HOME/.config/chromium/Default/User\ Scripts # yep, nasty white space :P
cd $HOME/.config/chromium/Default/User\ Scripts
wget # ala adblock

# ... and then start chromium as:
chromium-browser --enable-user-scripts

To confirm you have it enabled, visit && you'll see a red status line, up-right, with the adsweep script version.


Felipe said...

Where do you learn about all these things?

JuanJo said...

No actual specific blog or similar, just driven by the fact that I've switched to chromium as my ~primary browser, thus the motivation to find|mimic those cool firefox features.