Friday, June 05, 2009

select chromium, chrome else firefox as default browser

Now that google-chrome requete-alpha build is published by Google [1], I have this
handy script as my default browser "selector":

# $HOME/bin/
# Author: JuanJo ( juanjosec O gmail o com )
# if running, try: chromium-browser, google-chrome
# else: firefox
case "$(ps -oargs= -C chrome)" in
exec /usr/bin/chromium-browser "$@";;
exec /opt/google/chrome/chrome "$@";;
exec /usr/bin/firefox "$@"
exit $?

# Point2 me with the output from:
for p in /desktop/gnome/{applications/browser/exec,url-handlers/http{,s}/command}; do
echo gconftool-2 -s $p -t string "$HOME/bin/ \"%s\""

In a related note, you can see current milestone (LinuxDev [2]) and what to expect for the next one (LinuxBeta[3]).

[1] Danger: Mac and Linux builds available
[2] Chromium LinuxDev milestone
[3] Chromium LinuxBeta milestone


alfrenovsky said...

parece que hubo un:

cat /dev/zero > /dev/brain


JuanJo said...

umhh... en realidad quizás sería:
/dev/balls: No space left on device.

, bastante harto de la elefanteasis de memoria y cpu de firefox. De todas maneras, queda por ver cómo se comportará chrome "supercharged" con todas las features y la inmensa historia de sitios que tiene mi ffox ahora.
Es decir: compararación N/A.

JuanJo said...

FYI it's fixed (back) since