Wednesday, May 02, 2007

[en] preparing yourself for the technical interview (cont'd)

Cool ... so you're already enjoying answering those tricky tech and puzzle questions from my previous post.

Time for more formal lectures, here is a list of helpful textbooks you should study before the technical interview (again, based on my profile, see my previous post).
  • Networking
    • Internet Core Protocols: The Definitive Guide
      E Hall - 2000 - O'Reilly & Associates.
      Great book on TCP/IP network and transport protocols, very comprehensive yet easy reading (BTW do trash the CD contents, just use wireshark )

  • POSIX & BSD sockets API
    • Our beloved APUE: Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment
      R. Stevens, S. Rago - 2004 - A. Wesley.

      From our great all-time teacher, Richard Stevens, impressive as all his books.

    • Unix Network Programming
      WR Stevens, B Fenner, AM Rudoff - 2004 - A. Wesley.

      THE reference book for IPC & network programming

    • POSIX.4: Programming for the Real World
      Bill 0. Gallmeister - 1995 - O'Reilly.

      Great book about multithreading POSIX API

  • Linux sysadmin and alike: there are actually a LOT of books, but nothing can compare with a good expertise ;), so ...
    • LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition
      J. Dean, B. Gomes Pessanha ... - 2006 - O'Reilly.
      Nice book for autotesting your already learned sysadm knowledge & skills

  • Unix/Linux internals
    • Understanding the Linux Kernel, 3rd Edition
      D. P. Bovet, M. Cesati - 2005 - O'Reilly
      Too detailed, try to "grep" for concepts and graphs

'nuff written ... now enjoy the cool reading 8^)


NIKITA said...

great help.

Check out

JuanJo said...

Hi Nikita,

Thanks for the info , I'll add it to my previous post ... heh, in that post I'd pointed to another diff. site "" (same name with just an s as distinct).